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Job Satisfaction: Getting All You Can Out of Your Current Job

Poor job satisfaction and career struggles are one of the highest DM topics I receive from y’all.

Because of that, I thought I’d give some advice on how to stay as satisfied as possible and make the most out of your current job if you’re unhappy, but you’ve decided to stay.

Millennials are currently changing the job demographic.

We know what makes us excited, what environment we want to work in and what we want out of a job.

But the thing is, the demographic isn’t changing as fast as we are demanding.

If you’re unhappy at work, but are staying, here’s 4 pieces of advice to stick to, to get the most out of your current job.

If you’re committed to staying there regardless, you should be doing all you can to get the most out of the experience and your time there.

job satisfaction - women journaling

Advice #1: Go Out Of Your Way To Learn

According to LinkedIn’s Learning Report: 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career.

If you’re staying at your job, but this is a concern you currently have then I’d recommend going out of your way to learn new skills.

Udemy has cheap, but amazing courses for pretty much anything you can think of.

From business to music to photography, they seriously have it all.

When I wanted to improve my skill sets, I took courses on the Adobe platforms and it in return helped me land the job I have now.

Employers are always looking to see if you’re acquiring new skill sets on the reg.

It shows that you are invested in YOUR growth and that you are always willing to learn.

Use that to impress your boss at your low-satisfactory job and see what happens!

Also, if there’s an opportunity to hop on a project or task–go for it!

Challenging yourself will keep you busy and allow yourself to grow and collaborate with coworkers.

Even if your job feels meaningless it has potential for you to learn something from it.

It’s all about your perspective and willingness.

Advice #2: Take Some Breathers!

You’re unhappy for a reason.

Maybe it’s coworkers you don’t like, a weird work dynamic or ongoing pressures and stresses that are becoming unbearable.

Listen to yourself, girl.

If your coworker just made you feel stressed, go take a breather!

Don’t bury that feeling deeper inside because it ultimately will affect your performance and your emotions.

Even if you’re not under high-stress…

It’s so important that you get up at least once an hour, walk around and change your scenery.

I also like to remind myself to take deep and long breaths.

It doesn’t even need to be because of stress–it just feels so great.

If you can’t remember to get up and walk around or even suck some air in those lungs, set daily reminders on your phone.

That way, you don’t sacrifice your well-being because of forgetfulness.

Advice #3 Get A WBF

That’s right ladies, get a work best friend.

OR, someone you can confide in!

Maybe you’ve tried (and this is one of the reasons you are unhappy) but try and connect with someone on a deeper level.

It’s so hard to deepen coworker relationships at the workplace.

If someone has WBF potential, ask them to coffee or lunch.

It could even be someone that has been at the company for many years who you can ask advice from.

It’s more on the rare-side case for you to find your lifelong bff at work, but it does happen.

Just don’t have that expectation from the forefront.

Lean on someone you admire and ask them for advice on dealing with what you currently are feeling if you see that the trust is there.

Advice #4 Talk It Out

I’m a firm believer that even the situations that seem hopeless, can turn around.

If you haven’t been completely honest with your boss or manager about your struggles well then…

It’s time to!

You can’t assume that they can read your mind because frankly, they can’t.

In their eyes, you could seem perfectly happy.

Request a 1:1 meeting with them address what’s going on.

It might be scary, but if you can’t get past this then you’ll never know if things could of got better and you’ll just be jeopardizing your own happiness.

Having a scary/hard talk will lead to your happiness down the road.

If you don’t have clear performance goals that you strive to hit then it’s hard to find motivation in the daily work that you do.

Make sure you have a big picture outlook to the day-to-day work that you complete.

This will increase happiness, drive and satisfaction.

Job Satisfaction: It All Comes Down To

There’s no such thing as a perfect job.

Everything you encounter has pros and cons.

Especially if this is one of your first big girl jobs it’s going to most definitely present hardships, low points and challenges and hinder your job satisfaction.

I’m a firm believer that you’re never given anything you can’t handle and from my experience, every hardship was a blessing in disguise.

Remind yourself: what you have now is what you so desperately wanted in the past…

And go kick some work butt.

With Love,


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