Burnout - woman with hands on face looking stressed
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Is Burnout Getting The Best of You?

The HelpGuide defines burnout as: “A state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.”

Burnout is real. 

And something no one likes to admit.

We’ve all been there and chances are, we are still there. 

Anyone in their 20s knows that our generation is the most educated and the highest for facing burnout.


We have so many possibilities and options. 

In this new world of tech starting your side hustle or new business is easier than ever.

Your plate is probably overflowing.

With social media, we’re seeing how Stacy from sophomore year is killing it and it’s turning us into comparison monsters.

Yes, monsters. 

Comparison is quite frankly the worst thing you can do for yourself and your mental health, but our current social environment makes going down that rabbit hole accessible at your fingertips and easier than ever. 

Let’s get down to the root cause of this burnout and address it so that overwhelming and exhausting feeling is put out forever.  

Burnout - woman with hands on face looking stressed

Is It Even Burnout At All?

Okay, let’s address this ladies!

You could feel burnout in one aspect of your life like only in your career, but chances are the effects of this burnout is reaching to other places like relationships, well being, health etc. 

Or, maybe you feel burnout in every part of your life. 

One of my favs, Ken Coleman argues that it’s not burnout at all it’s build up

He goes on to say that there are 5 reasons that you could be feeling this “build up” in your life. 

Maybe it’s all of these reasons for you or maybe it’s just one that’s hitting you hard. 

They are: 

  • Lack of Passion
  • Toxic Workplace
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Feeling Underappreciated
  • Boredom

He then suggests, which I agree and believe 100% that you should always go back to your “why” if you’re feeling this way. 

*Que some deep thinking*

Your “why” should be powerful enough to keep you going even through the valleys of your hardships.

If you’re not living out your why on a day-to-day basis, or making time for it as much as you can–then you perhaps might be feeling this way because of that. 

He then goes on to say…

Folks, if you’re stressed, overwhelmed and growing bitter, it doesn’t mean you’re burned out. There’s still blood running through your veins, which means there’s time to change your story.

You have time. 

You are young.

You are thriving whether you believe so or not and you’re feeling these emotions for a reason.

Try putting your finger on why exactly it is that you feel this way.

Is it one of the above mentioned reasons?

But, What Do I Do?

In my experience, I’ve felt this burnout / buildup or whatever you want to call it due to going through lots of changes (like moving) and in addition to that, had many different things all begging for my attention and energy. 


Many of us feeling burnout is due to us giving and giving of ourselves and not pouring that same energy back into us. 

When life is just too dang crazy where you feel like you don’t have a choice, but to keep going nonstop like a hamster on a wheel, it usually calls for a crash. 

You need a change.

You need to restore that wonderful energy of yours from what’s now an exhausted and drained person.

You know when you try and catch up on sleep, all the sleep you’ve lost (does that ever even work?), but you never feel better? 

It’s just your same usual drained self?

Well, you need a reset. 

You need to purge everything that is demanding your energy that you can afford to.

Are those things you “have to do” really have to’s?

An activity that helped me the other day was to sit down and look at the day I had beforehand where I felt burnout.

What was I doing? Who was I with? Where was my energy going?

Even list it out hour by hour.

Take up 24 lines of your journal, and answer those questions. 

You’ll physically see in front of you where your energy is going to and you’ll be surprised!

You feel this way for a reason. 

There is something you can take out and then replace it with something that brings you joy and peace. 

Let’s be selfish here ladies. 

What’s something that really brings you joy? 

Look back at your life and think of times you were happiest.

Even if you can’t recreate it 100% do everything you can to bring that back.

Picture it in your mind. 

What were your habits?

What was the center focus of your life?

When did your days start and what did that look like?

For me personally, some of my happiest and peaceful moments was on a golf course, all alone, while the sun was setting, playing golf.

Since full on adulting, I rarely play golf and it’s something that I can feel in my bones is missing in my life.

That was me time.

Time that was so precious and all to myself.

It was my mental reset: a way for me to healthily push myself, get out in nature and just be me.

Your girl is going to dust off her clubs and get back out there!

What does that happy time look like for you?

What is ONE plan you can make now to recreate that happy place for yourself?

Find your reset activity and make time for it in your life. 

Once a day at best. 

If you can’t do that try every couple of days or once a week!

Prevent this from even happening?

Burnout happens when you feel extremely stressed for a long period of time.

The stress doesn’t go away and you’re caught up in activities that keep the stress elevated. 

If you are constantly doing the same high-level tasks that cause intense energy and focus, with no breaks or downtime then you are going to crash. 

How do you avoid this?

Here’s some tips…

You Need To Say No

If you don’t say no, nothing is going to change babes!

Try “time-blocking” and see how that controls your schedule and makes you aware of where you really are spending your time!

Open up Google Calendar and make events for every single hour that you are up in the day, for every day of the week.

That way, you determine your needs and wants of your time.

For example, I need to make my bed and cook dinner, but I also want to read and go to a concert.

Try balancing your needs and wants of where your time is going and see what can be managed.

Even block out a couple hours every Saturday or Sunday that’s just you time for focusing on yourself and resetting. 

Take that time seriously and don’t let anyone else have it. 

When you have dedicated time for everything, and I mean everything… (even self-care/relax time) you won’t have outside influences dictating your schedule, YOU will be in control of every hour of your day.

The effects of this are huge. 

If you aren’t in control of your time, burnout can come sooner than you think. 

Have A Gratitude Journal

I know you’ve probably heard of this from everywhere, but have you consistently done it?

Try for a week and see what it does.

I list out 5 things that I’m grateful for from the day before every morning.

When you start to get into this mindset of constantly looking for things to be grateful for throughout your day, it increases your gratitude by tenfold. 

And that consequently increases your happiness throughout the day.

Here’s a tip: don’t look for BIG things that happened in your day to be grateful for.

Look for those small acts of kindness and little pieces of your day that bring you happiness that you’re grateful for.

Did someone let you over in their lane?

Did you get a discount at a store you weren’t expecting?

A compliment?

Did someone call or text you just to say hi?

When you start looking for all the little things to be happy about, your happiness will increase. 

Have A Daily Self-Care Habit

It’s so important that you have a dedicated hour or two for yourself everyday.

Gotta wake up earlier for this to happen?

Then yes girl, you’re waking up earlier (just go to bed earlier, you can do it)!

For me, consistent exercise is the recipe eliminating anxiety and any negative emotions.

It increases endorphins which naturally make you happier, it makes me feel so strong and accomplished and I get to see results.

I always wanted to be THAT girl that put her health first and moved her body everyday, but I never really thought I could do it.

Until, I made a plan and I came to terms with myself with all the ways I set myself up for failure.

I found ways around that and now I stick to my plans and my commitments with myself.

What does that look like for you?


Exercising everyday?



Wakeup earlier, and use that time just for you.

You Need To Recover

Burnout and these emotions you’re experiencing are something you shouldn’t take lightly and you need to accept and believe it’s happening. 

Journal how you’re feeling exactly.

Get it all out on paper.

See where you went wrong, accept it and put measures in place so that it won’t happen again.

Plan something fun for yourself.


Go on a walk and get out in nature.

Do a small weekend trip with a friend or significant other.

If you don’t pour into yourself then you’ll be empty and unable to help others.

It’s so important you prioritize yourself first and foremost!

Thank you for reading! How did you like this post? Did it help? If so, let me know in the comments. 


  • Linda

    Perfect time of year for this. We’re about to head into a really stressful time. We’re getting together with family, work extra activities, special events and the closing of the year and beginning of a new year. Thank you for all the action steps to make this time of year and the future less stressful. Planning is the key. Not to mention, knowing what is important and what is not in your life.

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