Hello lovelies welcome to Focus Female! I’m Tayler! Yes, with an “e”! I’m from the great state of Texas, born and raised in Houston. I’m a lifestyle blogger that aims to inspire women to find their true potential in health, career and relationships.

It’s my belief, we as women, with just focus and direction can make huge leaps towards ending up where we always belonged. It’s my hope and dream that my content helps my fabulous readers and provides clarity in times that seem uneasy. I want to downright better your life!

So a little bit about me so we can be fransss! I attended the University of Houston. At UH, I was a Delta Zeta and graduated from The Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. I double majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Right now, I’m a Marketing Coordinator at a web-based real estate company. 

I’ve always had a passion for helping women become their best selves and improve their lives.

In college, I started a non-profit that raised money to feed victims of domestic violence (women and children).

I also raised $10k to feed first responders in the Houston area after the devastating Hurricane Harvey.

As well as planning and executing the largest food festival at UH which raised over $300k for student scholarships.

Standing up for women and doing my part to end ongoing stigmas and stereotypes that follow us is my passion… like at my first full-time job I counter-offered my salary to get a pay increase…wooo!

I truly believe by women standing up for themselves and the other women around them, we can defeat and overcome the everyday battles we fall into because of societal norms.

But I’m nowhere near perfect! There’s many mental and health battles that I’ve overcome (and am still learning to) that I’m excited to share with you.

I try to do my part to influence and help women improve their lives, hence why this beautiful blog started. 

Thank you so much for being here! I hope by taking the time to read my content you find happiness, direction, and learn something you didn’t know before!

Be YOU, be STRONG, be HAPPY. God made you in his image, but we all need some help along the way to harness our power.

With Love,