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11 Behaviors of Confident Women

Being Confident Women

Ladies, being confident women is key for bringing success upon ourselves and getting to where we want to go in life. 

I was definitely raised with two parents who reinforced the importance of belief in myself and my ability to tackle whatever my heart desired which helped me naturally have it.

Also, I picked up on tips through reading and business school that increased my confidence and poise. 

By being around women that acted in a non-confident way I knew I had to pull together ideas and tips to help them act more confidently.

With that being said, check out my 11 behaviors of confident women below.

confident women - picture of woman

1. Admit When They Are Wrong

Confident women admit when they are wrong. 

If you have a soaring confidence then you don’t mind to admit when you messed up because you can recognize that as growth. 

Having confidence is also being able to see your wrongdoings, not make a huge deal about it, learn from it and move on. 

When you have the security of believing in yourself and your abilities then it’s fine if you mess up! 

No one is perfect.

If the fear of being wrong is always present within you, it will limit your creativity and your self-expression dramatically. 

2. Has Confident Body Language 

You can always tell a confident woman by how she holds herself. 

When you are sitting up straight, shoulders back, and making eye contact then you’re at your most confident position. 

And people can see that!

Even if you’re having a day where you just aren’t feeling it, change your posture and see what it does. 

Acting the part even if you don’t feel it that day can go a long way.

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3. Their Own Biggest Fan

Confident women are the first ones to believe and cheer for themselves.

They think and know they can do whatever they put their minds to with hard work and focus.

No one will ever care about your dreams and goals like you do.

So girl, you HAVE to be your own biggest fan and cheerleader! 

Confident women know how to speak about their accomplishments in not a bragging, but a proud way. 

Own what you have done and what you will do and shout it out to the world.

4. Confident Women Support Other Women

Ladies, jealousy and bad blood gets us nowhere. 

By supporting other women, giving them shoutouts and telling them what an awesome job they are doing you are lifting yourself up. 

Sending out good vibes will just bring back good vibes to you!

 Plus, we all possess so many unique skill sets and we need each other in order for us to fully thrive and get to where we want to go.

We desperately need more women at the top more than ever. 

If you’re fortunate enough to be there or have an impact somewhere, help the women coming after you. 

5. Don’t Talk Negatively Towards Themselves

There’s nothing that drives me more up the wall than hearing women voice negative opinions about themselves. 

We have to stop NOW.

What you tell yourself, even if you don’t believe it yet, eventually….you will if you keep up this behavior.

The way you think affects your emotions and your emotions affect your behavior. 

Your brain only knows and believes what it’s thinking and telling itself so put those negative thoughts about yourself AWAY.

Even if you 100% don’t believe what you’re saying, just the fact of saying positive thoughts in your head will do wonders for your confidence.

Speaking negatively about yourself also puts others in an awkward position. 

Confident women don’t dare say something negative about themselves because they know it will ultimately defeat and sabotage them, especially if it becomes a regular behavior.

6. Steps Outside Comfort Zone 

Confident women step outside their comfort zone. 

They know they are capable of taking on new challenges and if failure comes say: 

Hey, it’s ok that I failed because I learned something and grew from it!

If you have shining confidence you’re seeing the world in a positive light and much more able to spot an opportunity because you’re always looking for one.

7. Comfortable In Their Own Skin

Confident women are comfortable in their own skin. 

They don’t have to try and be something that they are not because of insecurity or outside pressures. 

Nowadays, due to social media, we are constantly seeing the same body types and same types of women over and over again.

This is not healthy or even realistic to what our world is.

Confident women don’t feel the need to conform to societal “norms” because they love themselves and are happy with who they are. 

8. Doesn’t Say Sorry Unless They Mean It

Women have a bad habit of saying sorry for everything when half of the time, they were never even at fault! 

Let’s break this ladies.

Confident women only throw this heavily-weighted word out there when they truly mean it. 

You have nothing to apologize for…unless you do.

9. Always Prepared 

Confident women are always prepped and ready to go. 

They mean business. 

With preparedness you can walk into something with ease and even more confidence knowing you did everything you could to have the best possible outcome for what you’re about to do.

Get to where you’re going on time and have a pen and a notebook to take notes. 

10. Laughs At Themselves

Confident women are the first people to laugh at themselves. 

They can find the joy and silliness in situations and make light of them. 

You always want to be able to have humor and just not take everything too seriously! 

Life is too short to not have fun.

11. Confident Women Question the Norm

Lastly, confident women are always questioning the norm. 

Normal is boring!

Confident women are always trying something new and thinking outside the box.

That’s the only way to make this world a better place.

Sum It Up

Confidence is the belief in yourself. 

It’s hard to get others to believe in you if you don’t originally have that belief. 

Especially in the job world, confidence is so key. 

By being a confident woman, knowing your strengths and how to promote yourself, you will get what you want much quicker than if you didn’t. 

I hope these 11 tips bring you clarity and direction in how to act more confidently. 

If you’re struggling with this then fake it until you make it, girl!

By having a constant flow of positive thoughts you will ultimately start soaring with confidence and encompass every little bit you can have!

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